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“This symptoms of heart disease can manifest unexpectedly and without warning…” renowned cardiologist Oson Abiola warned Nigerian hypertensives of symptoms of cerebral vascular angiodystonia dangers

What should I do if I have a headache, tinnitus and limb numbness? Symptoms of cerebral vascular angiodystonia

Cerebral angiodystonia is a - a pathological condition in which vascular tone and normal blood flow in the brain tissue are impaired. In this article, you can read about the causes, mechanisms and symptoms of this condition. You will also learn about the severe complications of this sneaky disease and the modern treatment approach available to everyone.

Cerebrovascular angiodystonia affects the performance of the entire body. Due to inadequate blood supply to the brain, overall performance decreases, weakness occurs and major body systems become malfunctioning.

The initial symptoms of cerebral angiodystonia include:

  • Headaches;
  • Tinnitus;
  • General weakness, lethargy;
  • Low working capacity;
  • Sleep disturbances, insomnia;
  • Forgetfulness;
  • Numbness in the limbs;
  • Swollen arms and legs;
  • Darkness sensation in the eyes;
  • Decreased vision;
  • Abnormalities in the functioning of hormones in the body.
Cerebrovascular angiodystonia is the initial symptom of a more general 'contamination' of the body's blood vessels with cholesterol - atherosclerosis. The cerebral vessels are the most delicate and thinnest, so they are the first to be affected.

The treatment of cerebral circulatory atherosclerosis involves cleansing the blood vessels of the entire body of accumulated debris. Cholesterol plaques, blood clots and calcium.

How to cleanse the blood vessels at home?

Cardiovascular rehabilitation and blood vessel cleansing is a complex process. It affects all blood vessels in the body and improves quality of life several-fold.

Find out how to cleanse your blood vessels, get rid of hundreds of 'chronic' diseases and enjoy an extra 20 years of healthy life in our today's interview.

  • How dangerous is cerebral vascular angiodystonia?
  • What are the risks of ignoring symptoms?
  • Why are vasodilators bad?
  • What is the link between cerebral vascularity, overweight, joints and potency?
  • How do you restore blood circulation and strengthen blood vessels on your own?

These questions were answered by cardiac surgeon, Labour Hero (2013) and Honorary Doctor - Oson Abiola.

Oson Abiola is recognised as one of the best neurosurgeons in the world. He is the author of exceptional surgical techniques used worldwide.

Oson is convinced that life expectancy in Nigeria can be extended to 89-93 years, as in developed countries. If we start explaining en masse to citizens the importance of cleaning up blood vessels after the age of 40.

How dangerous is cerebral vascular angiodystonia?

- Oson, what are the first symptoms to look out for?

- Initially, cerebral vascular angio-dystonia has a benign course. Most people do not pay attention to the symptoms and the symptoms themselves come and go.

First symptoms of cerebral vascular angio-dystonia:

  • Noise in the head occurring for no reason
  • Flies before your eyes
  • A feeling of numbness in your fingers and face
  • Headache in the forehead and temple area
  • Sudden changes in blood pressure (darkening of the eyes with sudden changes in body position)
  • Freezing feet and hands

As the condition of the vessels deteriorates, permanent chronic diseases develop:

  • Hypertension
  • Joint pain, muscle pain, limb cramps
  • Tachycardia
  • Varicose veins and venous thrombosis
  • Deterioration of potency, prostate enlargement among men
  • Slowed metabolism and impaired fat metabolism

Although it is not an 'acute' disease, the deterioration of cerebral circulation is very sneaky. It ultimately leads to a stroke at some point, but before that happens, it plagues a person for years, slowly killing the function of vital organs and causing a whole range of different diseases.

All of these diseases come as consequences. Consequences of atherosclerosis of the blood vessels, their contamination with cholesterol plaques and blood clots. But, there are literally very few of our citizens who pay attention to cleansing their blood vessels, continuing to suffer for years and taking useless pills for their chronic ailments.

- Yes, unfortunately our citizens are not informed in any way about the importance of blood vessel cleansing.

- And it is not their fault. What is there to talk about when 99 out of 100 doctors in Nigeria do not know about nutraceuticals and the need to prescribe them for vascular cleansing.

In developed countries: USA, Canada, Japan, for 11 years there has been a legal provision to provide nutraceuticals once every 4 years to every citizen over the age of 40. Some of these are free , some are paid for by insurance. But this is subject to state control.

What are the risks of ignoring the symptoms?

- What happens if you ignore the symptoms of vascular 'pollution' and only treat the obvious conditions?

- The diseases will only get worse, no matter what drug treatment is used. Yes, you can 'tone them down' with pills, you can go to a surgeon, but the cause will not go away.

And the more contamination accumulates in the blood vessels, the more serious the consequences will be. Moderate to severe contamination of the brain vessels is more likely to lead to a stroke and complete or partial paralysis. .

Why are vasodilators bad?

- Is it true that vasodilators do more harm than good?

- Yes. Vasodilators are good for emergency use. Taking them often puts a lot of strain on the vascular wall.

Unhappy vessels already suffer from accumulated 'layers' of cholesterol that eat away at the epithelial walls, making them thinner. And vasodilators stretch the vessels, creating stress on the walls. If at this point the vessel fails and ruptures, a stroke will occur.

That is why I advise taking vasodilators with extreme caution and only as a last resort.

What is the link between brain vessels, overweight, joints and potency?

- Why is it that with impaired cerebral circulation, women often gain weight, men lose 'strength' and acquire prostatitis, and joints and spine begin to deteriorate?

- When the blood vessels of the brain become 'clogged' with plaques, the brain receives fewer nutrients. Every year after the age of 40, the brain receives 5% fewer nutrients.

It turns out that brain nutrition deteriorates by half by the age of 50.

What does the brain do when it does not receive enough nutrients?

1 It concludes we are hungry and commands us to eat.

But no matter how much we eat, the polluted blood vessels still don't allow enough nutrients to reach the brain. And you have to put them somewhere. So the body holds them in reserve by storing them in fat.

2. In 'starvation' mode, the brain thinks we are dying, so it switches off 'unnecessary' functions for the organism's survival.

The reproductive function of the starved brain is not needed, so potency function and libido are reduced. The production of the male hormone Testosterone is reduced. This in turn provokes prostate enlargement and prostatitis development.

The regenerative function is high-energy and the brain 'shuts it down' pending some better times. The joint tissues stop regenerating: cartilage, bone, and synovial fluid (joint lubricant) production decreases. Joint pain, osteochondrosis and arthritis appear.

How can blood circulation be restored and blood vessels strengthened?

- Is it possible to cleanse the blood vessels and restore circulation on my own?

- Yes. It is not difficult to do, but it requires patience and discipline. But it is worth it and it will pay off tenfold.

The Research Institute of Cardiology and Internal Medicine in Nigeria has developed a unique product - GlucoPro - and we are ready to share it with the Nigerian citizens. Specialists from the institute have created a product that has no equivalents today. GlucoPro is completely safe, has no side effects and can be taken without medical supervision.

GlucoPro - cleanses the blood vessels of all kinds of deposits:

  • Cholesterol plaques
  • Blood Clot
  • Calcium salts

Results of taking GlucoPro:

Within 1.5 months of taking GlucoPro, circulation was restored by 99.71%.

Blood circulation is restored systemically - in all vessels, arteries and capillaries.

GlucoPro - is the 'know-how', our scientists' pride. It provides almost 100% vascular cleansing thanks to the active CO2 fractions of the extracts, which penetrate cholesterol plaques and dissolve them from the inside.

By decongesting the blood vessels, GlucoPro restores healthy brain nutrition. The chain reaction of body regeneration is set in motion.

How does GlucoPro affect the body?

- GlucoPro works in 3 stages:

1. Draws deposits out of the blood vessels

Dissolves atherosclerotic plaques, blood clots and calcium. Increases vascular lumen to 99.71% of normal and restores blood circulation.

Eliminates the effects of poor blood circulation

Relieves hypertension, headaches, varicose veins, blood clots, haemorrhoids and prostatitis. Tinnitus, dizziness, swelling, improved visual acuity and clarity of thought. Normalises weight and fat metabolism.

3. Increases the strength and elasticity of blood vessel walls.

This prevents the formation of new atherosclerotic plaques and reduces the risk of stroke by a factor of 11.

- How often and for how long should you take GlucoPro?

- Once every 5-7 years, from age 40 for men and 45 for women. Course duration 1 month, 2 months if severe circulatory disorders.

Deficit and benefit programme

- GlucoPro has disappeared from most pharmacies as far as we know? Why? And how to get it now?

- Unfortunately, yes. Since the beginning of this year, GlucoPro is no longer available in pharmacies.

The reason for the conflict was the greed of the pharmacy chains, who demanded a huge commission from the manufacturer of each unit of GlucoPro sold! By marking up the manufacturer's price by an already huge margin, the pharma wanted to impose an additional fee on the manufacturer.

The pharmacy representatives are making excuses - they state that such a mark-up allows them to survive. After all, GlucoPro is a product that you buy once every five to seven years. Besides, once the blood vessels have been cleansed with GlucoPro, a person no longer needs the medication they were taking constantly before! People give up their blood pressure medication, they stop buying medication for joint pain. They significantly reduce their use of asthma and diabetes medication. This causes a loss for pharmacies. They therefore demand the highest possible price for GlucoPro.

As a result, the GlucoPro manufacturer has terminated contracts with all pharmacies and switched exclusively to online distribution. In principle, this is the right thing to do. Think about it: you don't have to pay rent for a sales area, you don't have to bribe pharmacies to get in. This is why GlucoPro is now much more affordable than when it was sold through pharmacies.

Clean ships' Benefit Programme (BP)

Our Cardiology Research Institute, together with the drug's manufacturer, agreed to produce and distribute GlucoPro in Nigeria as part of a telemedicine (internet medicine) project and launched a benefit programme.

As part of the programme, we are running a discount draw on the product (the draw is at the end of the article). Any reader can get a discount, but only those who really need GlucoPro We are running a discount draw on the product as part of the programme (the draw is at the end of the article). Any reader can get a discount, but only those who really need it for free!

- Who can benefit from the benefits programme?

- To receive GlucoPro under the benefits programme (BP), you must qualify for one of the conditions:

Who can receive GlucoPro under the discount programme

  • Men over 40 and women over 45 from any region of Nigeria
  • Individuals with disabilities. Regardless of age
  • Relatives and friends of the above categories of citizens

- How long will the benefit programme last?

- The promotion lasts until year inclusive. For each stage, 30,000 packages are allocated. And they run out completely within 3-4 weeks. And that's despite the fact that there is no advertising on TV or radio. People pass on information, ask friends and relatives. It was a surprise even to us that information about GlucoPro would spread so quickly.

So if you are lucky and manage to get in time before the stated deadline, I recommend you participate in the draw and get your hands on GlucoPro as soon as possible!

Important: It is stated that and - is the best time to start vascular recovery. With the stabilisation of the average temperature, the metabolism accelerates, the blood supply to the body increases, the flow of blood and oxygen to the internal organs, including the organs of vision, and the effect of the preparation, increases. Regeneration is 67% faster than during other seasons.

WARNING: As part of a promotion from the distributor, you can receive GlucoPro with a discount of up to 50%. If you are lucky enough to get the product for free, you can try it for free. To do so, open the door and get the discount, then fill in the order form. The programme runs for up to one year inclusive. The number of promotional packages is strictly limited!


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